Best Dota copypastas

This series is about DOTA GAMES

STOP with the copypastas, it was funny when there were, maybe, two going around. Now it’s actually inhibiting this community’s ability to have meaningful discussion about the game. So just stop, this series is about DOTA GAMES, and the games come FIRST.

After a long day at work

Can you fuckers PLEASE stop spamming the chat, I come home after a long day at work cleaning the SHIT out old peoples BUTTHOLES to watch some relaxing dota, and what do you do? do nothing but spam the chat. Does that make you happy? ruining the chat experience for everyone. THANK YOU. PLEASE NO COPY PASTERINO

My name is Gorc

My name is Gorgc. Sorry bad Engelsk. I grow upp in liten farm in Göteborg to plocka upp berries. Pappa say “Gorgc, berry harvest is bad. Need you to have play professionell DOTO2 in Amerikansk for make money for us eat Knäckebröd.” I bringa honor to folk and Sverige. Plz no copy påstarna

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